Homes in Parker, Colorado can often see some of the worst weather in all of Colorado. Every year we experience a great number of hailstorms, rainfalls, and snowy days. With consistent battering of moisture, the exterior of your home needs high-quality paint to prevent that moisture from wreaking havoc on your home’s interior. As top exterior painters in Parker, we understand that your paint is the first line of defense against the Colorado elements. Your property deserves industry-leading materials and expert craftsmanship in order to keep your home protected. At Orix Contractors, we can help you achieve that level of protection.

What Orix Brings To The Table

Our contracting staff is guided by a simple motto in everything that they do: “From Top To Bottom - A Job Well Done.” We are dedicated to delivering exceptional exterior paint work and we have the necessary pieces in place to excel at our painting operations. Our staff have cumulative decades of experience in the exterior painting industry. We leverage that on a daily basis to achieve a high level of expert craftsmanship with our work.

A Devotion To Pristine Quality

When it comes to the exterior paint on your home, quality is incredibly important. At Orix Contractors, we promise to never deliver poor craftsmanship or to use cheap materials. Our contractors have spent years and years painting homes in the Parker area. We always ensure that the necessary precautions and prep pieces are in place to make our painting project completely successful. We’re thorough, detail-oriented, and ready to impress.

Our dedication to quality doesn’t stop there. For every painting project that we take on, our Parker exterior painters only utilize industry-leading paint products. By leveraging our featured provider, Sherwin Williams, you gain access to a wide range of highly durable weather resistant paint products. With virtually limitless color options, we’ll cover your trim, siding, and all other exterior surfaces with the exact right color that you desire.

Unparalleled Customer Service

At Orix, your satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to ensure that you are fully content with your customer experience throughout every step of the painting process. To accomplish that goal, our contractors are focused on clear communication, honesty, and transparency. From the initial consultation and color selection to final walkthroughs and conversations, we will provide honest recommendations and informative answers to all your questions. We believe this dedication to customer service makes us top exterior painters in Parker.

More Than Just Exterior Paint

While we may excel at exterior painting projects, our contractors are not solely restricted to that single specialization. In fact, the contracting staff at Orix are highly adept at a number of additional exterior contracting services and interior services as well. To top off our exterior painting services, we can offer your Parker property:

  • Siding repairs and replacements - From vinyl and metal siding to brick and fiber-cement options, we can upgrade your exterior with siding materials that will match your preferences.
  • Stucco and stone services - Showcase your personality on your property with stucco and stone products! They’re aesthetically pleasing and highly durable siding options for any home.
  • Gutter replacements - When your gutter systems start to fail, they can cause monumental damage on your home elsewhere. We’ll help you avoid those extra damages with a comprehensive gutter replacement.
  • Interior painting services - With our impressive range of Sherwin Williams products, we can refresh your interior spaces with new coats of high-quality paint.

Whether you’re in need of expert exterior painters in Parker or you’re eager to replace your home’s siding materials, Orix can help you improve your home in an efficient and cost-effective manner. As Colorado natives, we care deeply about our fellow residents and we’re always eager to supply our expert services to benefit homeowners just like you.

By leveraging our top-tier workmanship with access to impressive building materials, we can upgrade your home to be highly functional and incredibly beautiful. It’s what your property deserves and we’re here to help bring that vision into reality.

Are you ready to refresh the paint on your home’s exterior? Contact Orix Contractors today to learn first-hand why we’re considered leading exterior painters in Parker.