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Whether your home is in need of new exterior paint or a few fresh coats on the inside, you need a paint brand of exceptional quality and one that you can trust. You want the best for your home and we aim to provide that kind of care at Orix Contractors. To effectively meet that goal, we proudly feature Sherwin Williams products and utilize them in a majority of our painting projects. As leading Sherwin William paint contractors in the Denver area, we can provide our Colorado clients with a plethora of high-quality paint options thanks to our terrific partnership.

The Advantages Of Sherwin Williams Paints

When you need to refresh the paint in and on your home, you need paint products that will match your personal preferences and offer functional benefits as well. By working with Sherwin Williams paint contractors, you can achieve both of those requirements simultaneously.

Sherwin Williams has been recognized across numerous industries as leading manufacturers of high-quality paint products. As a paint supplier, Sherwin Williams invests heavily in the production process of their paints and focuses heavily on utilizing four key ingredients in their products. These ingredients play an integral role in the performance, durability, and versatility of the Sherwin Williams paint products. Those ingredients include:

  • Pigments - These ingredients provide the color, hide, and bulk to the product. They help improve the application, durability, and color retention.
  • Binders - The type, quality, and amount of binders in a paint affect everything from stain resistance to gloss and adhesion. Sherwin Williams paints include higher-quality binders to adhere to surfaces better and make the paints more resistant to cracks and blisters.
  • Liquids - These are the vehicles that allow you to get the paint from the can to the surface. Top-quality paints, like those from Sherwin Williams, have a greater ratio of pigments and binders to liquids.
  • Additives - These can include rheology modifiers, mildewcides, dispersing agents, and preservatives.

We also can't forget that the paints from Sherwin Williams are backed by a Lifetime limited warranty. If the coating peels or blisters during your stay in your home, Sherwin Williams will supply replacement coatings for your home!

Interior Paints

When you want to redecorate the interior spaces of your home with new paint colors, you need paint options that excel in coverage, durability, clean-ability, and color selection. That is exactly what we can provide as Sherwin Williams paint contractors.

Our painters can readily upgrade your home interiors with over 62 paint product options. Ranging from acrylic latex and enamel options to anti-microbial and self-priming paints, you have plenty of options to choose from and each one has their own unique features and advantages. And we can’t forget that you have virtually limitless options for paint colors at your fingertips as well. With over 1,500 paint colors, you can practically guarantee that we’ll find your dream colors for each interior room of your house.

Exterior Paints

Your Colorado home endures plenty of inclement storms throughout a given year. From snowy afternoons to torrential thunderstorms, your property can get battered by plenty of moisture on a monthly basis. If you want to keep your home protected, you need top quality paints that match your personal aesthetics and shield your home from the elements. As Sherwin Williams paint contractors, we can accomplish just that with our selection of terrific exterior paint products.

Sherwin Williams has specifically designed their exterior paints to be highly durable, fade resistant, weather resistant, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Paint products, like Duration and SuperPaint, are perfect examples as they can provide exceptional coverage and outstanding longevity. They are mildew and weather resistant for incredible durability in all conditions.

From deck and siding stains to exterior coatings and primers, Sherwin Williams prioritizes functionality at every turn. With 50 different exterior paint options, we can make recommendations on the right paints for your trim, siding, and all other exterior surfaces. Regardless of your exterior painting needs, you can rest assured knowing that we can provide the right exterior paint products for your projects.

Refresh Your Paint With Top Sherwin Williams Paint Contractors In Denver

When you have the best quality of paint products, you need the right contractors to apply the paint evenly and effectively. At Orix Contractors, our painters have been upgrading interior spaces and home exteriors with fresh coats of high-quality paint for decades. We are intimately familiar with all the Sherwin Williams products, so we can make educated recommendations on what kinds of paints would work best for your painting project. We’ll handle all the preparations, painting of your surfaces, and the entirety of the clean-up process.

Are you itching to refresh your home’s interior or exterior surfaces with new paint? Then it’s time to contact the Sherwin Williams paint contractors at Orix.