When your home in Fort Collins is in need of a few fresh coats of paint, look no further than Orix Contractors. With access to outstanding paint supplies and a dedication to expert craftsmanship, no one can match the quality that Orix can provide. We leverage our years of painting experience to excel at every project of interior and exterior house painting in Fort Collins. Our local contractors are here to improve the value, aesthetic appeal, and functionality of your Colorado home.

The Advantages Of Orix

At Orix, we believe that quality, efficiency, and superior knowledge are the cornerstones to an exceptional paint job. To meet those criteria, we strive to knock it out of the park with our expert craftsmanship, but it all first starts out with our high-quality painting products.

Our painters only ever utilize industry-leading painting materials from Sherwin Williams in our painting projects. Sherwin Williams has been widely recognized across the construction space for the incredible quality of their paints. Thanks to their innovative production method, the paints from Sherwin Williams are highly applicable, durable, and protective. These paint products retain their color and functionality for years, keeping out moisture for your home’s protection. With over 1,500 different paint colors, you can rest assured that we can find the right paint option for your home.

Those painting materials aren’t the only way that we excel at house painting in Fort Collins. At Orix Contractors, we have formed an incredible team of painters that have cumulative decades of experience in the field. Over the uncountable number of painting projects, we’ve developed superior knowledge of the best painting practices. We understand how to deliver quality craftsmanship in a timely manner, while still achieving low prices every day.

With the support of Orix, your home will be completely refreshed and protected for years to come. That’s why our motto is: “From Top To Bottom - A Job Well Done.”

Exterior Home Painting In Fort Collins

We understand that the exterior of your home should serve two purposes: (1) to be aesthetically pleasing and (2) to protect your home from the elements. We know how to appropriately and effectively balance functionality and aesthetics with exterior painting. Our painters are incredibly familiar with every minor piece of the exterior painting process. We strive to be very detail-oriented and to work to achieve the perfect quality for your home. And our focus on customer service will ensure that you’re fully satisfied with our workmanship.

Interior House Painting In Fort Collins

The interior paint work of your home is even more important than your exterior paint. Throughout the years, our painters have handled a wide variety of interior house painting projects. You can rest assured that there isn’t an interior space that we haven’t painted. With over 62 different interior products and an impressive range of colors, we’ll find the right colors to match your aesthetics. From the initial consultation to removing the masking tape, we’ll take the necessary steps to keep your rooms protected and to repaint your space in a timely and efficient manner.

More Than Just Paint

At Orix Contractors, we have been leading the field in house painting in Fort Collins. That doesn’t mean it’s our only specialty. Our contractors come from a variety of backgrounds and we specialize in a number of contracting services in Fort Collins. In addition to our painting services, we can provide your home with:

  • Siding replacements
  • Stucco and stone repairs and installations
  • Gutter replacements

Our dedication to quality, integrity, and honesty are ingrained in all of our services. Whatever your exterior contracting needs are, Orix can be there to support you and your home.

Improve Your Home With The Top Painters In Fort Collins

Your home deserves to have the highest quality of building materials and top-tier craftsmanship. We aim to impress with every contracting project that we take on. Our contractors will strive to meet and exceed your expectations at every turn. From our customer service to the final paint strokes, we’ll work diligently to improve the condition and value of your home.

Are you in need of professional painters for a home improvement project? Then contact Orix Contractors today to learn more about our approach to house painting in Fort Collins.