Windows are an important element to every home and building, and it’s no wonder when you consider everything they do. Your windows blend function and appearance to add to your exterior aesthetics while simultaneously providing essential protection from the elements and natural light for your property. When you need a first-class window installer in Denver for repairs or replacement services — you need Orix Contractors.

Across our entire team, we have decades of experience in exterior renovation services from siding replacements to stucco and stone, and even window projects.

One of a Kind Window Service for Denver Homes

You should be proud of your home and the investments you’ve placed in it. At Orix, we understand that your property deserves the highest quality treatment, which is why we utilize the best methods and products to deliver a level of service that you won’t get anywhere else.

No matter what kind of windows you want, we can supply and install them. Orix has access to all the major window lines and manufacturers across the country. Whether you need arched windows for an appealing architectural design or double-hung windows from Andersen, we can meet all of your needs.

See The Difference of Full Frame Nailing Fin Installations

In many cases, homeowners will get new windows for their property only to discover that the poor installation of their windows makes them largely ineffectual. Most contractors prefer a retrofit process for windows, during which they simply insert new glass into an old frame. While less labor-intensive, retrofitting old windows uses only basic caulking to try improving energy efficiency. However, the retrofitting process won’t work if wood rot or other damage comprises the original window frame. You also won’t have the option to change window styles with the retrofitting process because the frames and trim will be virtually untouched.

With Orix as your window installer in Denver, you won’t have to worry about the quality of your new windows or the installation. We use full frame nailing fin installation on every project. The full frame method starts by completely removing the window and the frame. During the installation, we will place thin strips of metal (the nailing fin) with holes on the exterior of the new window to allow us to securely fasten it onto the wall. Once fastened, the new window will be more secure and will feature 3 lines of defense for water filtration, to keep out the elements, and maintain the internal climate of your property.

With the full frame nailing fin installation process, you’ll be able to update your exterior with a wide variety of window designs, so you can create the aesthetic of your dreams. It’s the only way to get the highest-performing windows that also look their best.

High-Quality Window Screens

While you may not think about window screens often, those protective layers are crucial to the performance of your windows and the appearance of your home. Your window screens help keep pests and insects out of your, assist with the internal temperature regulation of your home, and provide an additional layer of security for your property. Unfortunately, window screens can fall apart over time and suffer damage due to high winds, debris, and more.

When you trust Orix to be your window installer in Denver, we can expertly repair or replace your window screens to keep your property safe, functional, and visually appealing. We can install custom-made window screens from any manufacturer and will go the extra mile to ensure your screens meet your window-related needs.

Improve Window Appearance with Glazing Beads

On most modern windows, you may spot glazing beads around the perimeter of the glass. These beads are specialized strips that cover the space between the glass edge and the sash or panel. Glazing beads can be made of wood, steel, aluminum, or vinyl. These materials are specifically designed to create an architecturally pleasing appearance and can make a huge difference in the look of your windows.

At Orix, our experienced window installers have gained a wealth of knowledge on the benefits of glazing beads, the different materials available, and how to pair the right glazing beads with the right property. During your consultation, we'll help you determine the ideal glazing beads for your property so you can achieve your dream aesthetic.

Full-Service Exterior Home Contractor in Denver

At Orix, we bring our dedication and perseverance to every exterior project we handle. In addition to being a reliable window installer in Denver, we offer a wide array of exterior renovation services that can completely revitalize your home in many ways.

On many projects, our windows services will often go hand in hand with our siding skills as we work to ensure the exterior of the property is strong enough to support the new window. Our experts are skilled across a multitude of trades to help us create the perfect exterior that you envision. Why not stack your exterior renovation projects and get them all done together? Our exterior home contractors can do it all, so you don’t have to go back and forth between different contractors. In addition to window services in Denver, we can assist with:

Get Started with Our Window Installer in Denver

At Orix Contractors, we believe that quality craftsmanship, superior knowledge, and low prices are the cornerstones of any exterior renovation project, including our window services. Windows provide important energy efficiency and factor heavily into your home’s curb appeal, so don’t leave your needs to just anyone. Our decades of experience and access to the best products available will give you peace of mind when it comes to your exterior.

Learn more about our exterior services in Denver when you contact us for a free estimate on your window project.