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When it comes to the siding of your home, you deserve only the best siding materials. Anything less than top-tier siding materials and your home might not be effectively protected from the harsh weather of Colorado. That’s why at Orix we are proud to offer our clients LP SmartSide materials to ensure that your home is safe and fully protected. As certified LP SmartSide contractors in Denver, we can provide their top-of-the-line materials to maximize the exterior protection on your Denver residence.

The SmartSide Approach To Exterior Siding

As a homeowner, you might be wondering about the significance of LP SmartSide materials. How does it benefit you to work with certified LP SmartSide contractors in Denver? It really comes down to the quality of the materials that LP SmartSide can provide and their process for creating those materials.

LP SmartSide is one of the fastest-growing brands of siding materials in the United States. The products that come from LP SmartSide feature unique technology that offers superior protection against hail, wind, moisture, fungal decay, and even termites. Their wood siding materials are manufactured through an exclusive SmartGuard process that turns sustainably-sourced wood into beautiful and highly durable pieces of engineered wood. With zinc borate, adhesive resins, and a resin-saturated overlay, LP products can withstand the most extreme temperatures and effectively keep out moisture and insects.

As LP SmartSide contractors in Denver, we can provide a wide range of LP SmartSide products that come in 16 versatile ExpertFinish prefinished colors to complement any home. From trim and fascia boards to lap siding features, there’s a LP SmartSide product for every piece of your home’s exterior siding.

Backed By Strong Warranties

The benefits of the vast selection of LP SmartSide products don't stop there. We are proud to offer industry-leading warranties on every LP SmartSide product. Backed up by a 5/50-year limited warranty, your exterior siding covers fungal decay, termites, hail damages, and structural issues to maximize your peace of mind.

What does this warranty entail? The 5/50-year limited warranty offers a 5-year 100% labor and material replacement warranty with a 50-year prorate limited warranty. Other ExpertFinish trim and siding products can include an additional 15-year finish warranty as well. These are incredibly competitive warranty offers that are virtually unprecedented across the construction industry. With the outstanding protective coverage of these warranties, you'll gain peace of mind about the condition of your home and your wallet.

A Trusted Resource

You should never take the decision on your home’s siding lightly. The exterior siding of your residence is quite literally the first layer of protection that your home has against the elements and it shapes the first impression that people will formulate on your home. You need siding that will effectively protect your humble abode while simultaneously showcasing your personal preferences. We can help bring that concept to life as certified LP SmartSide contractors in Denver.

We’ve been in the construction and renovation industries for decades now and our contractors have gained valuable experience along the way. We have become intimately familiar with the product offerings from LP SmartSide. By leveraging our acquired knowledge, we can make the ideal recommendations for your exterior siding elements to ensure that your home is fully protected and that you are completely satisfied with your home’s exterior.

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We have a guiding motto at Orix Contractors: “From Top To Bottom - A Job Well Done.” For us, nothing makes us happier than seeing our customer smile at the end of a contracting project. We aim to deliver exceptional craftsmanship with every siding project that we take on and we focus on making the ideal customer experience every time. The kinds of products that we can offer carry great influence over that experience and we aim to please through our partnerships.

Do you want to make the most of your home’s exterior siding? Then you’ve come to the right place! Contact your local LP SmartSide contractors in Denver at Orix Contractors today!