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Choosing the Right Home Colors: Tips from Parker Painters

Never underestimate the powerful influence of paint colors, especially when it comes to your home. The colors you choose for your interior spaces and home's exterior will significantly impact the overall look, feel, and tone of your home. Color palettes affect everything from the mood of a room and its perceived size to your use of the space and more. But how can you select the right colors for your property? Don't worry: our Parker painters are here to help.

Whether you're repainting your home's exterior or a few interior spaces of your property, we've outlined a series of insightful tips and tricks to make your color selection process much easier. Just follow our advice and you'll find the perfect colors for your aesthetics in no time.

Find Your Ideal Paint Colors with our Parker Painters

Are you opting to repaint areas of your home on your own? Or are you planning to hire professional painters to refresh and restyle your property? Whatever the case may be, it’s wise to have a good idea of your desired colors and final product in advance and you’ll need to consider a lot of essential factors.

Exterior Paint Insights from Parker Exterior Painters

When you're comparing and contrasting paint products, it's important to keep the Colorado climate in mind. Because we technically live in a high desert climate, we experience a unique blend of arid conditions, low humidity, greater UV exposure, and occasional bouts of extreme hail or snow. That means you need high-quality acrylic-based paint that can withstand the tricky Colorado climate and will experience minimal fading, chalking, or cracking.

In addition, if you're part of an HOA, make sure you closely review the bylaws for any guidelines on home paint colors. Even though it's your home, you still must adhere to the bylaws of your community. If you repaint your home's exterior in a color that's not approved by your HOA, you may face financial or legal consequences.

That said, there are many unique tones, shades, and colors that you can use to refresh your home's exterior aesthetics. Keep these insights in mind as you compare exterior paint colors:

  • Follow The "Rule of Threes" for Exterior Paint – Traditionally, most homes will combine three colors for the body, trim, and accent. This is a good pattern to follow, but newer architectural styles can benefit from more than three colors in some instances.
  • Warm vs Cool Colors – Warmer hues like reds, yellows, and oranges evoke excitement, while blues, purples, and greens are more relaxing and calming. You can mix warm and cool colors together, but it may distort the visual perspective of your home's size and shape.
  • When in Doubt, Rely on Color Wheel Rules – Analogous colors (hues that are adjacent on the color wheel) work well together and so do complementary colors (opposites).
  • Find Inspiration in Your Neighborhood – If you struggle to visualize a new color scheme, drive around town and snap photos of exterior color palettes that you like. These images can be great sources of inspiration and can be good starting points for your Parker exterior painters.
  • Keep Your Existing Unpainted Areas in Mind – Many "natural materials" like stucco, stone, brick, and even steel may be unpainted and must remain that way. That means your new paint colors should play well with these materials.

Interior Paint Tips to Enhance Your Spaces

When it comes to the interior of your home, you have greater creative freedom with paint colors than your exterior areas. Several of the previously mentioned exterior paint tips can be applied to interior rooms as well, however, there are unique considerations that you should carefully weigh for your interior spaces. These include the following:

  • Lighter Tones Add Space and Darker Tones Take It Away – Whites, greys, and lighter hues can instantly make even the tiniest of rooms feel larger, especially when there is plenty of natural light. But deeper and darker hues can have the opposite effect.
  • Create Visual Harmonies Between Your Walls and Furnishings – For instance, if most of your living room furniture features light browns, it's not a bad idea to align the wall colors with that palette.
  • Different Colors Influence Your MoodsColor psychology is a fascinating concept and evidence shows certain colors can reduce stress, improve sleep, and affect your moods. Bright and warm colors stimulate energy and happiness while subdued colors have a soothing effect.
  • Embrace Contrasts with Accent Walls and Your Wainscoting – Similar to your exterior, you can add dynamics to your interior colors by creating visual contrasts between light and dark tones along accent areas.
  • Lean on the Experts for Their Advice – When you hire Parker painters, like our team at Orix, you'll benefit from their decades of expertise and experience. They can provide personalized recommendations on paint products and share color insights with you to bring your vision to life.

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