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Your Cost Breakdown for Window Screen Replacements in Denver

Given enough time, the window screens on your property will start to look worse for the wear with fading colors, punctures, tears, corrosion, and more. When you notice these signs of damage, it's time to start scheduling consultations with contractors for window screen replacements in Denver. If the time has come to replace your window screens, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the expected costs for this home improvement project.

While your new screens won't cost nearly as much as a new set of windows, replacing all the screens on your property won't be a small expense. Let's explore these costs in greater detail so you know exactly what to expect in the process and how much you should set aside.

Will Insurance Cover Window Screen Replacements?

In some cases, yes – your home insurance policy will cover window and screen replacements. It ultimately depends on how your window and/or screen was damaged and the specific details of your home insurance policy. You can likely file a claim for your window screens if the damage was caused by bad weather, a break-in, or one of your neighbors.

But, if your window screen is falling apart due to general wear-n-tear or a lack of maintenance, it is unlikely that your policy will cover the replacements. If you're concerned about costs, make sure you are well-versed in all the details of your policy and when repairs or replacements are covered.

That said, some window screens may be backed up by warranties provided by the manufacturer or the window installer in Denver. If you have a paper trail for your window screens, look through those documents to see if there are any applicable warranties because those guarantees will help you save money on your replacements.

Costs You Can Expect for Window Screen Replacements in Denver

Similar to many other home improvement projects, the costs for new window screens will include:

  • Material costs
  • Costs for the type of window screen
  • Labor costs

When it comes to window screens, most window installers in Denver and across the country charge by the number of screens. On average, it costs roughly $300 to replace one window screen, but those numbers can range from $100 to $1,000 depending on several factors. Let's dive into each of these cost considerations.

Costs by Material

You have plenty of options to compare when choosing your window screen materials, and they all come with unique pros and cons. For instance, copper and brass window screens are aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting, but materials like vinyl and fiberglass are more affordable. Solar screens help regulate your home's internal temperature by deflecting sunlight and offer greater privacy for your home, but they will likely have a higher price point.

If you're on a budget and want to save some money for other home improvements, these are your best options for new window screens:

  • Fiberglass
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum

Other materials like solar screens, security screens, and copper/brass screens are better suited for higher budgets and those who want to upgrade their screens.

Costs by Type

In the window screen industry, there are two main types of products available today: (1) movable screens and (2) custom screens. Movable screens are the most common option on the market and are mainly manufactured in standardized sizes for convenient installation. On the other hand, custom screens are uniquely designed products for uncommon windows or specific designs, like accent windows.

It should come as no surprise that custom window screens are more expensive than movable screens. Custom window screens are calculated by square footage, ranging from $0.25 to $25 per square foot. If you have any uniquely shaped windows on your property, be prepared to pay extra for those screens.

Labor Costs

When it comes to your windows, it's not wise to take the do-it-yourself (DIY) path. If you're unfamiliar with window screen installations, there's a risk you could do it incorrectly and/or damage the products. By hiring a professional to install your screens, you'll ensure everything is done correctly and that will prevent the need for more frequent repairs or replacements.

If you take the do-it-for-me (DIFM) route, you'll need to account for labor costs of roughly $15-$20 per screen. For custom screens, you'll likely need to pay double the labor costs because of the extra steps involved in making those custom designs.

Additional Cost Considerations

In addition to the aforementioned cost factors, several other contributing influences can affect any estimates you gather. These include:

  • Brand Name Products – High-end brands like Andersen can come at a high price point, while lesser-known brands may offer more affordable options with similar quality.
  • Location – Where are your windows located? How easy is it to access those areas? And where is your property in the metro area? The answers to these questions will directly impact labor costs due to added complexity and/or risk.
  • Your Contractor – Some home service professionals are only focused on maximizing their revenue, while others strive to provide the maximum value possible for homeowners. Your hiring decision can greatly affect your final invoice and how much money you can save on your project.

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