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How to Tell When You Need Window Replacement in Denver

While cracked or broken windows are an obvious clue you need to replace your windows, some of the other signs aren't so clear. Knowing when it's time to seek out professionals for window replacement in Denver is essential for protecting your home from damage and keeping energy bills manageable. That's where Orix Contractors come in.

We understand how important high-quality windows are to Denver homes, and we want to help educate homeowners so they don't suffer from outdated or dysfunctional windows. That's why we compiled some of the most telling signs that you should invest in new windows.

Signs You're Ready for Window Replacement in Denver

If you notice any of the following things when checking out your windows, it may be time to consider replacing them.

Your Windows Don't Work as They Should

Are you fighting your windows whenever you try to open or close them? Then it may be time to replace them. High-performing windows will operate smoothly and should be easy to open and close. If you’re struggling with your windows, it could be a sign of wear and tear or that the seals are broken, which can lead to energy loss in your home. Either way, it’s a good idea to contact a professional for a consultation.

Your Windows Aren't Energy-Efficient

Whether you have older windows that don't feature the latest industry developments or damage is impacting your windows’ energy efficiency, it is likely time to upgrade your windows. Old windows will leak your heating and AC to the outside, so your HVAC system has to work double-time to maintain temperatures which drive up your utility bill. In addition, certain older windows may not be well-insulated or may lack other energy-efficiency features that may be negatively impacting your home’s ability to regulate heat.

It can be tough to determine the energy efficiency of your windows. A good trick is to track your utility bills over time and look out for steady increases. If you notice your bills are going up over time, your windows may be the culprit. It’s also a good idea to compare a measurement of the temperature somewhere else in the interior of your home against the temperature near your windows.

Your Current Windows are Out of Style

Windows make up a significant chunk of your home's curb appeal and outdated windows can take away from the overall aesthetic. These days, there are several different window styles you can choose from that will best match the look of your home in Denver.

Not sure how to find the perfect style? Our experts will help you find the right match for your property as part of our window replacement services.

You Notice Unusual Drafts Around Your Windows

If you feel a draft coming from your windows, it could be a sign that the seals have broken or that your windows are not properly insulated. Drafts can indicate a few different issues including gaps between the window and the frame, broken seals, or even damaged frames. When there are noticeable drafts around your windows, it's important to book a consultation with a window installer sooner rather than later.

The Window Frames are Worse for Wear

Windows are more than just glass. The frame holding everything in place is one of the most vital elements of your windows. Over time, age and the elements will break down window frames. This can cause the wood to decay so the frame will chip and warp, and it can also allow mold to develop and speed up wood rot.

Sound Passes Easily Through Your Windows

You shouldn't be able to hear through your windows as well as you can see through them. Windows provide much-needed soundproofing to your home and will start to let in outside noises when they are old or broken. When you hear every car or person passing by, then your windows definitely need to be replaced.

Regular Condensation Buildup

While it's not always a cause for concern, condensation that builds up on the inside of your windows is a sign of failing sealant. If the condensation is between the panes, instead of on one side, then window replacement is your best option.

Contact Orix for Superior Window Replacement in Denver

Replacing windows is a great investment for your home because it increases the comfort, energy efficiency, and value of your property. If you're experiencing any of the signs discussed above, then it's time to consider seeking out services for window replacement in Denver.

If you’re ready to replace your windows, contact us for a FREE estimate today!